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About us
Used from a very young age to move regularly with her father's work, Emmelie CRONHOLM, the founder of Résidence Immobilier, soon took it upon herself to recreate a family atmosphere in their ever-changing hotel suites. By putting a few personal photos or candles, as well as a selection of decorative objects here and there, she was determined to take comfort from the décor surrounding her.

This is what she aims to bring you with the personalised services available through Résidence Immobilier.


Emmelie CRONHOLM places a high priority on being available for customers and keeping to her word. She is surrounded by people she can trust who have been chosen for their skills and the quality of their references. Her highly developed attention to detail and desire for perfection are put to work for your total peace of mind, giving your home that certain touch, adding soul and inimitable charm.

For us, your property
is so much more than a secondary home...